Whale World is an interactive exhibit. Researched and assembled by a team of skilled consultants, biologist Pierre Fontaine, paleontologist Ian Morrison, famous marine artist Richard Ellis, Simon Fraser University, plus many more, this exhibit was inspired by a Jacques Cousteau whale exhibit in Europe.

What You Will See:
  • 72 ft. Animated Walk-Through Blue Whale
    See and hear how different whale organs move, plus lot's more!
  • 52 ft. Humpback Whale Skeleton Replica
    Life-sized, hand-sculpted, museum quality. Also see a 4 ft. Blue Whale Vertebra, a Minke skill, and more!
  • Interactive Learning Kiosks
    Exciting quizzes and games designed to educate at different levels. See video clips, b&w footage from Jacques Cousteau's time, and lots more!
  • See, Hear and Feel Centre
    * What and How Whales: eat, see, communicate, keep warm;
    * Myths and Monsters: whale history and Mythology.
    * Touch and Feel area: a whale's eyeball, whale baleen, etc.
    * Children's coloring area - rubbing plates make art to take home!
  • Soft Play Area
    Foam sculptures made for climbing- dolphins, iceburgs, boats, and more!

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